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Visalus is all about helping people become healthier and wealthier which fits right into people’s resolutions. We got what people want. It is our job to share LIFE, HEALTH, and PROSPERITY in 2013!

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ViSalus Culture Creed

A company is defined by its culture and culture determines the difference between a mediocre company and a dominate brand like Starbucks or Zappos.

The ViSalus culture is what makes ViSalus and a big reason why ViSalus is dominating the direct sales sector.

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ViSalus Worlds Largest Flash Mob Dance Today in Tucson, Arizona

Today ViSalus promoters all over North America did the same dance at the same time to the same music to attempt to set a world record as the worlds largest flash mob dance. I think the ViSalus community may have just pulled it off.

Below is the flash mob dance done by the Tucson ViSalus team at one of the largest mall in Tucson called Park Place.

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Get More Business Using Google+


The last think everyone needs is another social media platform to learn and spend more time on.  I have resisted using Google+ since its launch back in July 2011. I have recently read a book called Google+ for Business by Chris Brogan that opened my eyes to where Google is going with Google+ and the power of the platform.

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Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge Update – 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Mountain Bike Race 2012

The first of the year we put together a 90 day challenge for our self and one of the things on our list is to compete in the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Mountain bike race. Which a mountain bike race where individuals or team race their mountain bikes for a 24 hr period. The race stars at 12 PM on Saturday February 18th and ends at 12 PM on Sunday February 19th 2012.

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