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Get More Business Using Google+


The last think everyone needs is another social media platform to learn and spend more time on.  I have resisted using Google+ since its launch back in July 2011. I have recently read a book called Google+ for Business by Chris Brogan that opened my eyes to where Google is going with Google+ and the power of the platform.

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Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge Update – 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Mountain Bike Race 2012

The first of the year we put together a 90 day challenge for our self and one of the things on our list is to compete in the 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Mountain bike race. Which a mountain bike race where individuals or team race their mountain bikes for a 24 hr period. The race stars at 12 PM on Saturday February 18th and ends at 12 PM on Sunday February 19th 2012.

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