Linear Income vs. Residual Income: Knowing the Difference Can Change Your Life!


First off let me start by saying there is nothing wrong with having a Linear Income. Linear Income can provide the foundation to make ends meet while you create a fortune in network marketing.

Don’t quit your day job!

Linear Income

More than 90% of people around the world are accustomed to the source of income known as Linear Income: trading time for money. For that reason most people are NOT financially independent. Linear Income, also known as work income means you receive a paycheck based on how much time you work. You need to put in a certain number of hours every week. When you stop working, your income stops. Linear Income requires continued work.

Residual Income

Residual Income is different. It is the most powerful and profitable source of income. Residual Income is the income of the rich. It is a source that keeps coming in on a regular basis from working once. Residual Income is not about “get rich quick” but rather doing a good job on the front end and being paid over and over again for the work you did once.  It requires effort, determination, personal growth, and consistency… especially in the beginning… and time for the magic to start working.

Today, network marketing which provides Residual Income is recognized by many experts and accomplished business people as the one of the fastest-growing business models in the world. – Robert Kiyosaki on page 37 of The Business Of The 21st Century

Once you truly understand and embrace the concept of Residual Income and find a Residual Income business model that is a fit for you can create time freedom and set yourself FREE from the daily rat race!

QFTP (Question For The Post): Who is tired of exchanging hours for dollars?

If are interested in creating RESIDUAL income CONTACT US today! We would love to set you up for success!

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