ViSalus Tips For Success!


Success leaves clues. Just copy what other successful Visalus leaders are doing to get the same results.

If others can make it happen then why not YOU?!

ViSalus Leadership Tips For Success!

    • Treat your business like a business!
    • Be coachable!
    • 3 a day Press Play. Share the overview video with 3 people a day = guaranteed success.
    • Always have product samples & promoting tools on hand. The Taster Packs are a great way to hand out samples. Put them in your car and hand them out prospects.
    • Get your product Kit for FREE and help your team do the same.
    • Become a ViSalus Rising Star, help your team do the same!
    • Never miss a ViSalus Event.
    • Be consistent! Do something everyday to move your health, fitness and business forward.
    • Never GIVE UP!

don't quit

ViSalus Leaders Recommend:

  • Have a blender
  • Get a hardbound journal for your ViSalus notes
  • Use a calender and force your calender
  • Get a dry erase whiteboard
  • Get mobile smart phone and download and use Vi-Net
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